Tuesday, April 17, 2007


House is my big comic book book. It's an 80-page, wordless, horror story. You can get it at all sorts of roundabouts; bookstores, comic shops, Fantagraphics Books, Amazon, places, places......
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Anonymous said...

jhs's difininitive history of house music-- from its humble Detroit origens right on up to it's present total woreld domination--leaves nothing out, and bless him for that...so, chrisendo-whoreing aside, he covers ALLLLLL the basses, yaheardme?-- yeah, i think ya did, ya breeder scumsuckers--so lay those laureels down at his trippel striped feet and back away SLOOOOOOOOOOLY, ok?


Allen Taylor said...

hello, i read house today, and i thought it was really good. i think a very hard thing to do is to tell a story without any dialogue, and you did it very well. this book creeped the fuck out of me, since i spend a good deal of my time scavanging around for abandoned places, like, my favorite, the metro atlanta abandoned insane asylum, which was under 30 degrees in the middle of summer. I look forward to your next book.