Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mome 22

The final Mome (22) is 240 pages, and has 3 short strips by myself and friends.

"Axl & Jim" is about the drug-fueled long-time friendship between Axl Rose and James Cameron. I wrote and inked it, but it was penciled by my special lady Wendy. (4 pages).

"The White Rhinoceros, Part 4" continues the psychedelic racial adventure, and was written by The Partridge in the Pear Tree. (3 pages).

And "We Enjoyed Many Adventures" is by me, but was inspired in large part by Wendy. (1 page).

You can buy Mome 22 from Fantagraphics, or--

Buy a copy from me featuring a bunch of weird drawings on the indicia page (something like the above) by Wendy and myself.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Cirkus New Orleans was originally published by Top Shelf in 2001 as part of their Small Batch series. It's a comic journal reportage strip about my time spent living and performing with a freaky sex circus in the early '00's. It went out of print a little while back, so I put together this new edition. It contains the original 32-page story, but printed larger (which makes all the fairly intensive hatching and stippling somewhat easier on the eyes) and in a "dirty" fashion as I'd originally sort of wanted. That is, I photocopied it complete with the scrap book style seams of the pages and staining and natural wear and tear from 10 years of carting these pages back and forth around the country.

This reprint also has a new cover and includes 8 pages of previously unpublished Cirkus-era fliers, gags and illustrations. It's 40 pages, 7" X 8.5", and spray painted. What do people say about Cirkus New Orleans? Well, they say nice things like this and this and this.

Ordering information here. (By the way, the Cirkus storyline continues in Happy #3 and #4, in all making for a 77-page adventure into filth and depravity and friendship and fun).

Thursday, September 01, 2011