Sunday, October 24, 2010

How Nice

Sleazy Slice Super Sale! In the words of Bougie himself:

"This is a special limited time sale! You get all 4 GIANT issues of Sleazy Slice for 50% off cover price, which is only $3 per issue! HOLY CRAP! That is over 250 pages of the dirtiest comics around for only $12 plus shipping! (Sorry, this sale only applies to all 4 issues as a pack, I won't sell individual issues for 50% off.)

This super-pack of filthy comics makes a perfect gift for the pervert on your christmas gift list! They will smile a drooly sex-obsessed smile of glee as they unwrap this delightful illustrated ode to the depraved! BET ON IT!"

I contributed to all 4 issues:

Sleazy Slice #1: "In A Land Of Magic" (20 pages)
Sleazy Slice #2: The back cover drawing (featuring the monsters from my "Night of the Jibblers" story, and colored by Bougie)
Sleazy Slice #3: "Cockbone"(26 pages)
Sleazy Slice #4: A double page Sleazy Slice spread drawing.

Go. Buy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, my head.

Visit the Rhino to see the second page from the second part of The White Rhinoceros, due out in Mome 20 very soon now---