Monday, June 20, 2005

Who gives a drunken hobo clown a stun gun?

Yesterday I was working wearing shorts in a bleary hungover state and looking down at my leg exclaimed "What the shit?!?" because my right thigh was covered in blotchy red spots I perplexed over this for a little while and then through the haze came the rememberance: I'd seen some old Cirkus friends doing their new Big Bang Cirkus thing the night before in Providence and discovered to my horror that Stumpy had that's right his own happy little stun gun which some deranged FOOL had given over at some point on the road, luckily for everyone there the battery was very low so it just gave a mildy painful spastic jerk yer muscles kinda zap, naturally I asked Stumpses to keep hitting me all through the night as there's nothing like a little slap ya upside the asscheek kinda wake me up to keep one rollin' along right proper. So I was pleased upon recall that I didn't have some new exciting skin disease eating away at my flesh and quite happy I gotta say for Stumps. That lucky, lucky clown, with his funtastic new toy.

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