Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A few things

*******Firstly, thanks to King Dong Caelum for all the help and work he's put into putting up the site.

*******And, there's a new book out all about this whole modern Cirkus revival thing that's been going on the last 10-15 years or so, and there's a whole big chapter in it about the Cirkus group I was with for a while, the End of the World Cirkus and Know Nothing Family Zirkus Zideshow. There're also a number of great photos, including a big color shot of me rubbing my nuts as Spanky Ass-Blood the clown. For anyone who's read my comics about the Cirkus and wants to see photos of 6-packs of beer hanging from pussy lips, pervert clowns, ridiculously stupid acts-- as well as a mostly dead-on account of our shenanigans-- as well as the stories of a number of other, far more talented groups-- and a fabulously ORANGE cover-- go check out FREAKS and FIRE: THE UNDERGROUND REINVENTION of CIRKUS, by J. Dee Hill, over at www.softskull.com ------

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Cloequa said...

It's funny how you have this company publishing your stuff these days, only a few days ago, I was looking thru the yearbooks at the school, came to your senior Page, and their written next to your beautiful picture, was you stating how you enjoyed writing things that never got published, but now, here you are, with these people selling your stuff...